Spiritual Formation

Trying to #BeRelevant. Have You Been Duped Again?

February 27, 2014



Some things cannot be obtained through direct pursuit.

You can’t plant a harvest, only a seed.

We must distinguish between what we can pursue and what can only ensue.

Pursue truth and you’ll gain relevance. Pursue relevance and you’ll lose both.

Rest within the right boundaries and you’ll find liberation. Chase liberation and enslavement will strengthen its grip by the stride.

Build up others and you’ll find fullness. seek fullness from the well of others and you’ll find alienation.

Devote yourself to the knowledge of God and your true self will emerge. Devote yourself to constructing a self and introspection will blur them both.

For the wise distinguish the seed from the fruit. Therefore, they reap the harvest others try to plant.


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