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Your Past is Your Most Common and Hidden Adversary

May 25, 2014

past pain

“Behold, I am making all things new!” —Jesus

 “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” —Mark Twain


Two opposing viewpoints, right? So, which one will it be?
You’ve got several options when it comes to the brokenness in your family tree.

You can excuse it, “She did the best she could under the circumstances.”
You can ignore it, “Nothing good comes from digging up the past.”
You can resist it, “I’ll never be like them!”
Or, you can courageously face it and choose to forgive, “God, help me see my family and past as You see it and allow your grace to heal and transform it.”

Brandon and Michaela had each heard hundreds of sermons. But when they got married four years ago, there were deep, entrenched parts of their souls that were untouched by the power and grace of Jesus. Somehow, two biblical truths had managed to evade them:

  • The blessings and sins of our families going back a couple generations profoundly impact us today.
  • Discipleship requires putting off the sinful patterns of our family of origin and relearning how to do life God’s way.

The real idea behind generational curses in the Old Testament is more of an observation than a spiritual law: sin naturally spreads until there is a deliberate break. I give what I’ve received and I withhold what was withheld from me. The break happens when I say, “I see this now for what it really is and I don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t want it to be a part of me and I certainly don’t want to inadvertently pass it on to my kids. So, I need to name it, forgive it, and then step fully into a new beginning through the grace of God.”

Breaking generational patterns requires 3 deliberate steps: Continue Reading…

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Featured Posts, Spiritual Formation

One Step From Wisdom to Freedom

March 15, 2014


“Wes, are you struggling with anger right now? Your reaction to him seems like you are.” No one said it to me at the time, but I wish they did. Ten years ago, it could have saved me a lot of time and pain.

One small step from wisdom to freedom is seeking out and responding well to correction.

How we respond to correction is one of the greatest single traits that distinguish the wise and foolish.

Why didn’t anyone address my anger issues at the time?

There was no one close enough, who knew enough and cared enough.

People may have said to someone else, “Have you ever noticed Wes’s anger problem?” They may have quietly judged me and/or kept their distance. Typically, when we notice a fault in someone we do one of two things… Continue Reading…

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